Monday, January 08, 2007

A Fresh Start

Hello :) Hope you're having a lovely day (good start eh!?)

Now - this is my weblog about Vipassana. I just did a course, and I completely loved it. Great happy stuff. Hardest work I have ever done though (so be warned!). But worth it.

Every day - or so - maybe more - I will put up a thought (or two) for the day. My thoughts. Given to me - from somewhere. And I'm giving them freely to you. This Blog is FREE. No ADS... just links I like - all stuff I think is good. But.. we'll start simply.

Simply - the template for this blog is 'minima black'. Pretty dark eh? But it's going to get brighter and brighter. Or perhaps just more colour. Maybe both - but it's all going to be GOOD! (and make people who want to get happier... happier! and those who are happy .. happier still and those who don't enjoy being happy will get nothing from this.. but also (and here's the neat twist) they can't actually take anything away from it.

See.. and I apologise for this if it makes you angry.. but let me explain. ALL comments are moderated. ALL - good, bad, neutral or nasty. But I will decide what gets through. And I will only get good or neutral through. Nothing nasty and nothing bad.

Simple really. Really Simple... Just Do IT.

Actually.. that's the thing.

Nike DOES IT. But in the WRONG direction. Only do something if it makes you happy. And if something makes you happy it has to be good.

Try do something that really (honestly truly) makes you happy AND which hurts someone else. I think, and I think you'll think if you really think about it ;).. that is impossible.

Anyway.. that's it for now.. say hi if you like.

Oh.. and also .. if you've enjoyed this PASS IT ON. You can see the link at the top of the blog.. it's See.. if you like it.. why not see if someone else likes it? If not.. no worries.. all it costs is an email / Free Skype Phone Call Anywhere In The Whole World". Calling is better.. but email is a start.


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