Friday, February 02, 2007

Analogue vs Digital

Which is better - a computer / a concert?
Which is better - a sandwich / a bottle of coke?

I like the digital world. Or at least it has it's uses. Like skype. I can use it to talk to my family & friends. But it can also be addictive - constantly checking the news. Really - what's the point sometimes? It's always bad news!! 'cos it sells better that way. Here's a suggestion - 1/8th of a newspaper should be devoted to happy news. That'd be great!

But back to the question. Analogue or digital. A sandwich you make is fully analogue. And it tastes great. The digital equivalent is probably a Mc Donald's hamburger. Tasty - but artificially so. Remember, you are what you eat. So eat well.

Music - Dancing - Laughter - Comedy. Try to get a computer to reproduce any of that. Impossible - at least at the moment. Good job too. There's something wonderful about music. But there's music everywhere. Hear the wind in your ears, the beat of your shoes as you walk down the street. It's everywhere - if you open your eyes & ears and look for it.

I reckon anyway.

And, like I said in my first post. These are my thoughts and if you don't like them - well, feel free to move onto the next blog :) But constructive comments are more than welcome!


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