Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sometimes I Despair

I dunno what it is with some people. I live in a pretty decent neighbourhood, but when I left the house this morning I found that someone had kicked over the letterbox. What compelete morons. I just don't get it - what drives someone to kick over a letterbox? I almost feel sorry for them as they're unlikely to come to any good. IT's the second time in a year that the letterbox has been vandalised. I just hope that when I fix it up this evening (If I can find time) that it doesn't just get vandalised again.

I mean come on - it's not like there's any skill or much danger involved. They probably drove by at 3am when no one is awake and kicked it over. Wow. So impressive. But what drives people to do it? Do they have any remorse afterwards?

Sigh. What hope this planet has with climate change and other problems of a global nature with muppets like this around I don't know. Saw a good film the other day called 'The Planet'. It was a documentry not completly unlike An Inconvenient Truth, but wider in scope. Definitely enjoyed it - but it is scary the picture of the future that they are painting.


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